What if great leadership...

is only possible with great followership?

In this FREE 30-page e-book, surprising insights from the world of tango social dance provide a dramatic new perspective on collaboration in the work place.

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Sharna Fabiano

About the author

Sharna is an internationally recognized tango artist, teacher, coach, and writer. Her innovative work connecting leadership with followership skills in the work place helps her clients find success by bringing presence and power into their relationships.

What's in the E-Book


Surprising Wisdom from...Tango?

Yes! Learn how dancers train in the creative leader-follower dynamic and how it can rapidly transform working relationships with your colleagues, your team, and your boss.

Following Role

3 Myths and 3 Epiphanies

The stereotype of the following role is passive and disengaged, but that isn't necessarily the real truth. In fact, stereotyping can become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Dance techniques illustrate alternative, empowering views of followership that make relationships efficient and powerful.

Leading Role

3 Pitfalls and 3 Insights

Despite an entire industry dedicated to leadership training, many leaders still struggle to organize, communicate, facilitate, and delegate effectively. Learn why our expectations of leadership might be too high, and how things fall into place with a few key adjustments to the leading role.

Journal Exercises

Next Steps

Successful professionals at every level are fluent in both leading and following skills, and know when to play each role. The summary questions at the end of each section will help you identify where changes in your own work routine may improve your relationships immediately.